Greatest Truth

GREATEST TRUTH or AGE-OLD ADAGE or THE PEN AND THE SWORD The sword gleams in the night A symbol of great might Leads by bringing in fear Threatens lives of those dear An age-old adage Used since times beginning The pen is mightier than the sword Earth’s greatest truth The pen lies in the hand […]

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Grey Mist

GREY MIST or PLUNGING or FORGE AHEAD A grey mist lies before ‘We must forge ahead!’ Cries the leader once more, Plunging past the remains of the dead The path is unclear Yet, the time is near Put aside the fear Step into the darkness The future need not be aimless But can make us […]

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The Loophole

THE LOOPHOLE or HAND HOLDING The boy and girl were best friends Always together it seemed Hands were held when none could see They were a great mystery Her eyes saw steady dating His eyes saw no ties fun time He quit while she wished to kiss He lost her perfect love bliss Snuck out […]

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Breach in Sector 33

BREACH IN SECTOR 33 BRRR, BRRRR (Alarm noise) Breach in Sector 33! It was the middle of the night The alarm started, a bad sign All of us were in quite a fright We knew someone had crossed the line We ran towards the great Red Base Unknowing of what we would find On the […]

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Ruby Red

RUBY RED or LET ME SEE or CRIES OF A few kids goofing off One who clearly led Breaks in with a cough Follow, as he said Let me see your arm and hammer Ruby Red, Ruby Red Let me see your arm and hammer Ruby Red, Ruby Red A new band was formed United […]

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The Lab

THE LAB or BOREDOM IN A BOTTLE I ride the bus in the morn Read or sleep, just waste time I walk into a new world, just born The sun gleams on the roof like a chime Deceivingly fun it appears at first I soon realize that impressions are wrong All my hopes were quickly […]

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The Beast

THE BEAST or HOSTILE TAKEOVER It was a hostile takeover What was once a separate piece  Has been consumed by The Beast Work was done with harm for none Without reason it came down It worried not for death Its word was written and done Forced to do as was written The Resistance quickly grew […]

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