GenConf Survival Guide

It’s that time again. General Conference. Pajama church. Church for literal days. #ldsconf. Church at home. 12 hours (if you watch all the sessions) of staring at flowers and a really nice podium. This is a time of rich spiritual feasting for some, boredom for many, and pain, suffering and deep internal conflict for others. […]

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Have Some Joy: Easter Thoughts

It being Easter, I was thinking about Christ and his Resurrection and what that means for me personally and I suppose us more generally. I was struck as we sang some Easter hymns in Church today (“He is Risen” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”) with how joyful they sounded. They were just happy, […]

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Let Us Feast Together

I recently finished Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt by Patrick Q. Mason, which I think is a very useful and accessible entry into the subject (though I personally prefer The Crucible of Doubt, but recognizing the broader applicability of Planted). There were several things throughout reading that struck me, but one […]

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Discerning the Divine

  I’m in the midst of making a pretty big decision (where to go to grad school, essentially). I may be unorthodox, but I consider myself to be a pretty religious person. I believe that I can talk with God and that God may have some insight into the decisions that I make that can […]

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Seeking a Delightful Sabbath

Sundays are interesting for me. They have been for some time and only seem to get more complicated. It really started when I first came to BYU. My family had very strict Sabbath day observance rules (no bikes, no TV, only Church videos, only read Church books or biographies, no pool or ping-pong, no hanging […]

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