TUBES or THE MOB or COUNTING I was new at the job Did not know what to think Shocked when I saw the mob Wearing suits dark as ink Watching the quality It was truly scary Counting all live long day Blood and sweat did I pay The mob owned my whole soul Quickly they […]

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Mission Lessons: Reviewed

At Church this past Sunday and then at a Stake priesthood meeting, there was a recurring theme. A large part of that theme was that we should not forget the things we learned as missionaries or slip back into bad habits, but that we should grow and build on that spiritual plane that was reached. […]

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Top Films 2013 & Most Anticipated 2014 Films

I’m a little late to the game, but as an avid film consumer, I thought I should on occasion add some cinematic inspired posts here. I present my top 5 films from 2013 (admittedly lacking, since there are a host of critically acclaimed films that I missed, some on purpose and others that I simply […]

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Defending Examining Faith

It’s been some time since I posted anything, but I hope to be more regular this year in writing, so here we go. I have several thoughts and ideas in the works, hopefully to be polished and ready soon. I’ve been thinking recently about some close and not as close friends and their departures from […]

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