“The World” & Building Zion

We often talk of the command “To be in the world, but not of the world.” There’s general resistance to this phrase in the progressive Mormon community (and probably other progressive religious communities) due to how it’s used and what is generally meant by “the world” from those who say it. I’d like to dig […]

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The Gospels as Fantasy

A couple days ago, I attended a performance of Lamb of God, a musical production from Rob Gardner about the final days of Jesus Christ’s life. I was surprisingly moved and touched by the performance—the choral and orchestral music allowed the emotions to run a bit deeper and for me to feel things that I […]

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The Riddles of God: Embracing Uncertainty in the Pursuit of Wisdom

An approximation of a talk delivered 11 Feb. 2018 Another defining difference between Cece and I is that I title all my talks, this one is entitled “The Riddles of God: Embracing Uncertainty in Pursuit of Wisdom.” Cec also had a title for hers: “talk for church.” My talk is inspired by two talks from […]

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Of Gods & Space Doctrine: Musings on Belief

“I Believe.” Powerful words that signal assent or faith or desire. Words that for me are far more comfortable for my current faith and religious experience than that of “knowledge” for epistemological and personal reasons (mainly that I am unconvinced of the possibility of knowing anything, but you know, just a minor detail). This has […]

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Marriage: The Gateway to Adulthood

I’ve been married just over a month, but have noticed in that short time span a fascinating shift in the way I and my wife have been treated. We were both firmly adults when we got married (27 and 26), but there has been a granting of adulthood to us in the short time since […]

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Beyond Consent: Towards an Affirmative Sexual Ethic of Care

I’ve always wanted to open a Sunday School or other Church lesson on Chastity by playing the Salt-N-Pepa anthem “Let’s Talk About Sex” and was going to use that to open this post when I started planning it months ago, but that seemed to trivialize the moment at hand (so I got the best of […]

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A Year of Devotion

2018 is upon us. 2017 was a wild ride for me (mostly in really really really great ways—London, Paris, Dublin, loads of movies and books, and of course marrying Cece), so here’s to a new year. I’ve been a fan of Resolutions for a while, though my approach to them varies and shifts frequently. This […]

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