Serendipitous Grace

I spent a good portion of this week at (or going to and coming from) the International Conference on Romanticism in Colorado Springs, which was a fascinating and enlightening experience. I presented and attended many presentations and was struck by the amount of serendipity involved in these academic discoveries. However, I didn’t quite realize that […]

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The God Who Laughs

I’ve written about laughter and humor a few times in varying contexts, but today I’m arguing for a God Who Laughs. This God doesn’t replace the God Who Weeps, but rather fleshes out that vision of God to become a God Who Weeps & Laughs (maybe even weeps from laughing? Or begins laughing because He/She/They […]

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Are We Human?

The last week or so has been filled with tests of my commitment to recognize the humanity of all people, especially those I vehemently disagree with and find to hold offensive, deplorable beliefs. A good friend wrote a fabulous piece on some of the information gained from the leaked videos of LDS officials’ behind-closed-doors meetings […]

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