The Fall: An Alternative View

A companion piece to ‘The Troubling Implications’.  I propose an alternative view of the Fall, due to considerations of the surrounding circumstances and other doctrines, the role of Satan in causing the Fall, and latter-day parallels that shed light onto a plausible explanation for the conflicted situation.   First, a few terms should be defined […]

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The Fall: Troubling Implications

The Fall of Adam and Eve is a seemingly simple yet potentially, incredibly complicated facet of theology. It is essential to Mormonism often termed as one of the ‘three pillars’ alongside the Creation and the Atonement. The Fall has troubled me for most of my life. I couldn’t wrap my head around why two conflicting […]

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The Divine

To kickstart my entry to the Bloggernacle/blogosphere, I thought my idea/conception of God and the Divine would be useful and provide a solid foundation to understand my language of faith (more on that explored elsewhereand here). For me, God is the source from which all else flows, so a shared understanding of who/what God is […]

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My Voice

I am a voracious reader of books and online content relating to religion, especially Mormonism, film, politics, Batman, music and other things. As I read, I find myself in various states of agreement and disagreement with the authors, often crafting counter arguments in my head (perhaps a side effect of being a debater in high […]

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