My Five Core Beliefs

Someone in my ward a few weeks ago shared the idea that we all have 4-5 “core values/beliefs” that we measure information, decisions, actions, etc. against and therefore shape the course of our lives, essentially. I looked a bit to see what the source of this idea was and to try and read a bit […]

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Holy Ghost: Where’d You Go?

“Well, you know, the Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight [insert other arbitrary time your parents/leaders want you home by]…” This phrase always seemed rather silly and frankly illogical to me (one if the Holy Ghost is meant to be constant companion to people all over the world, then he never sleeps, not to […]

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Captain America: Civil War and Bridging the Divide

Note: Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War lie ahead, so proceed with caution.  I was chatting about Captain America: Civil War with some friends over the weekend and one of those discussions hit on the idea of applying the Sokovia Accords to the Nov. 5th Policy Change regarding same-sex marriages, apostasy, etc. (hat-tip to Shane […]

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A [Love?] Letter to BYU (and Provo)

Hey BYU! What’s up? I know our relationship has been a somewhat conflicted one, but you’ve grown on me. You’re weird and quirky (though I’d imagine you’d prefer the term “peculiar,” which is also apt) and sometimes do stuff that I just don’t understand and think, in some cases is wrong and not living up […]

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