I’ve been blogging here for a few years (and imported posts from even earlier blogs), but it’s time to move on. I’ll keep writing on a variety of topics and might occasionally still post here, but moving forward, you can find my stuff at http://www.conorhilton.com. Thanks for all those that have read and commented and […]

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2018 Entertainment In Review

Here’s some scattered lists of favorites and anticipated books and movies and other media items from 2018. Presented mostly without comment, but I’d love to talk about anything on any of these lists probably, so ask away.   Total Films Watched: 156 Total Books Read: 43   Top Films of 2018 Blindspotting Sorry to Bother […]

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What Christmas Means to Me

There’s something special about Christmastime, but I’ve had a harder time feeling that Christmas spirit this year than in the past. Perhaps because it’s the first Christmas (aside from my mission) when I won’t be with my parents and siblings. Perhaps because there’s still no snow in Provo. Or perhaps because for the first time […]

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Church History Film Pitches

  I’ve had elements of this post kicking around my head for a long time, but I finally sat down and busted it out, so it’s a little rough and could absolutely be revisited, which I may do in the future. Anyway, here are some aspects of church history that I think we could get […]

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Pitfalls of Objectivity

I’ve listened to a lot of political podcasts the past few months and have noticed something that I think is dangerous—a distanced, “objective” stance. There’s a tendency in discussions (political often, but I think in most realms) to frame objectivity as desirable and achievable and better than other positions. Pursuing objectivity is folly. Now, to […]

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The World is On Fire

The world is on fire. There have been 297 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year. Over 12,000 people have lost their lives to gun violence since January 1. Hatred is on the rise. Antisemitism is blatantly expressed and has led to the deadliest attack against the Jewish community on American soil in […]

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I am Complicit

I am a liberal, heterodox queer Mormon. I believe in the value and worth of my fellow LGBTQ+ Saints. I am complicit in the harm done by the Church and a number of other institutions that I belong to implicitly and explicitly. My different beliefs and my rejection of what I can only see as […]

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Reimagining Omnipotence

God is often described as being omnipotent, omniscient, & omnipresent (sometimes also omnibenevolent). I’ve noted elsewhere my agnosticism about some of those labels for God, but I’ve somewhat come around on God’s omnipotence. That is I’ve thought of a way of imagining and understanding what it means to be omnipotent that fits into how I […]

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Knowing God

Can we know the mind of God? Mormonism is built on the premise that we can, but also that we need others to reveal it to us. That I must come to know God, for that is eternal life, but that to do so I need the prophets, scripture, and the Holy Ghost. I cannot […]

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