I Belong to the Church…

One of the biggest struggles I faced in the depths of my faith remodel that still resurfaces, especially when I find myself in an unfamiliar or new congregation, is feeling like I belonged at Church. I have felt this in other settings as well, but Church was the predominant place that I felt like I […]

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Mormons: All-American?

Mormonism is deeply entwined with America and often carries with it a particular brand of American Exceptionalism. The Nashville Tribute Band has a somewhat surprisingly insightful chorus that conveys some of this: “Somewhere there’s a prophet In a place they call Kirtland And he’s building a temple to worship my God And I’m filled with […]

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Ace Marriage

Cec and I have been married for six months and I’ve been out publicly as ace for a little over a year. In that time, I’ve received some questions/comments about my sexuality and how it relates to my marriage. It seems important to address these misconceptions about the ace community and for providing more context […]

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Queer Mormons & Pride

It’s June, which as you probably know is Pride Month, which can be a liberating but also anxiety-inducing time for members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly those that are also part of a faith community with a tenuous (at best) relationship to their sexual orientation. So, let’s chat a bit about Queer Mormons and Pride […]

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On Spirituality and Hoaxes

About ten days ago (17 May 2018), there was a faked apology for the Church’s racism that was leaked and presented as real. Most of the response thus far has focused rightly so on the racial components of what happened (this is worth watching and this worth reading for more qualified voices on that). I […]

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A Sex-Positive Law of Chastity

Mormonism has the potential for a really beautiful, sex-positive theology of chastity and the body. Bodies are seen as essential to our salvation and exaltation—there’s a strong belief in a literal resurrection, the necessity of having a body and a spirit, a belief in an embodied God, sex as a sacred, god-like act of love […]

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