Horcruxes: Tears, Goodbyes, and My Scattered Soul

  Today we’re going to chat about horcruxes. Yes, like the magical objects that Voldemort used to split his soul, so that he could live for-ev-er (in true The Sandlot-style). Quick overview for those of you that aren’t familiar with them (actually, you should stop reading this right now, go pick up Harry Potter and […]

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Bookworm? Music lover? Cinephile?

While listening to a podcast by a couple friends (Feminism & Funeral Potatoes, Episode 14, for specificity’s sake), I was struck by a semi-tangential discussion about being book, music, or film people. I realized that I didn’t know how to classify myself. I mean, it’s not really important or life-changing, but I don’t know whether […]

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