Flash Reviews, Pt. 6

Welcome to another installment of Flash Reviews, where I share brief snapshot reviews of the movies I’ve watched, books I’ve read and occasional other entertainment I’ve consumed since the last time I did this. Usually once every two months or so. WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead, so just watch out. Not super detailed spoilers, since these […]

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What Would Jesus Really Do?

Anytime a policy, doctrine, cultural element, or action happens that meets with our disapproval, we seem pretty quick to claim “Jesus would never do that!” or some variation thereof. There’s a host of blog posts touching on the issue (notably the Trimble “Stop Pretending Christ was Accepting of Everyone” and the plethora of responses). Yet, […]

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It’s a Kind of Magic

God works in mysterious ways. But what does that really mean? Like, is He/She/They some incredibly powerful warlock? A Jedi master of Yoda-level abilities? A mutant with powers like Jean Grey? A superhero like Wonder Woman/Batman/Prof. X? An uber-Pope? Moses on steroids? I read a fascinating article the other day about how loads of people […]

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