Seeking Great and Important Things

We’re going to spin off from one of my favorite ideas in Mormonism, found in the 9th Article of Faith (I’d swap “They” for “He” and fix the verbs accordingly, but that aside, love what’s happening here): “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He […]

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London Crystallized: A Glimpse of Zion

Preface I returned from roughly eight magical weeks abroad (London based, but all over the UK, Paris, and  Dublin) on Thursday. It was marvelous. An absolutely incredible experience that is rich with meaning and lessons and learning. Today I’m attempting to crystallize or distill those eight weeks and everything that I learned and all that […]

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Sharing is Caring

Thoughts on Travel and Testimony This is a belated post (like 6 days), but life has been busy and filled with travel and catching up on all sorts of things I’ve been behind on, so here you go, you get it today (and probably another one tomorrow). This post and what I have planned for […]

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Is Queerness Eternal?

“Is queerness eternal?” This titular question is a question that is perhaps one of the biggest facing Mormonism today and very close to me personally. I’m ace (if you’re a new reader, repenting lapsed one, or otherwise missed that post in May you can read it here, and again, happy to chat about it if […]

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Scattered Cathedral Musings

Some brief thoughts from Sainte-Chapelle and St. Paul’s.

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