Who Started the Refiner’s Fire?

Fig. 1: A refiner’s fire. Do you feel the burn? After an insightful discussion with two friends over burgers, shakes and fries (what other food sparks deep, theological discussions better than a delicious hamburger?), I felt like the focus of my next post (read: this one, that you are currently reading) should be my view […]

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Civil Disagreement

I think disagreement is essential to the quest for truth, an idea I tried to capture in this poem that I wrote (I think I’ve shared it in other posts, but here it is anyway): A QUEST FOR TRUTH  (Originally written to be performed as a beatnik poem, complete with bongo accompaniment) The moonlight breaking […]

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Questions and Progression

I have loads of questions, which probably isn’t surprising to most of you (especially given my skeptical and curious nature, questions are kind of my life-blood). Sometimes people don’t know how to respond to this, since they associate questions with this negatively connoted idea of a house about to fall or straws being placed on […]

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