Believers and Knowers

I had several opportunities this past week to share my beliefs with others, not that they were interested in conversion (in fact, they were blatantly opposed to it), they were simply curious and interested. Doing so reminded me of how much I believe in the basic tenets of Mormonism, even when my perception of some […]

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Testimonial of Tempting Tentacles

A mere 16 pages apart in March’s Ensign, two references to ‘tentacles’ can be found. Tentacles. Like an octopus. One reference suggests that they are tentacles of temptation, while the other calls them the tentacles of Divine Providence, which I’ll likely refer to as the tentacles of testimony, for alliteration’s sake. “In some regards, Satan […]

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My Articles of Faith

I was thinking the other day about what my standards of faith are, or how I look at and evaluate others’ faith (something I try not to do, since it always involves speculation and unfair judgments) as a clue to what I value. This is not an exhaustive list, but serves as some sort of […]

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