The Dark Side: The Devil and Hell

I’ve been reading and thinking an unduly amount about The Dark Side, aka Lucifer and Hell. So, naturally I decided to write out some of my thoughts, partially in the hopes of clarifying them and also to just get them off my chest. I mean, I’ve mused about some stuff before (like the eternality of […]

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Prophets for a Progressive

  Prophets are probably one of the stickiest bits of Mormon doctrine for prog-mo’s like myself. I was chatting with a friend (shout-out to Bobby) about the founding of Mormonism and what the ‘distinctive’ doctrines are a few weeks ago and was confronted with how to explain what I view the role of prophets to […]

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I started (well, resurrected is probably more accurate) this blog because I felt that there is value in being a voice in any number of discussions. That’s come to be largely (but not exclusively) Mormon-related topics. Today, I’m going to be a bit more general, although my thoughts build from a Mormon framework and certainly […]

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