Conor’s Comprehensive Oscar Guide: 2017

(Image from Welcome to my “comprehensive” guide to the 2017 Academy Awards. I have seen every single nominated film. Yes. All of them. Including the shorts and the docs and the foreign stuff and Suicide Squad and yes, even 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. For those of you that have not seen […]

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Offering an Unorthodox Perspective

I know I just posted yesterday so this may feel like an onslaught of blogging, but that was last week’s post and next week I’ll be posting Oscar stuff (probably my “guide” to this year’s Oscars—my review of every single film that’s been nominated, predictions of winners and hopes as well as miscellaneous related thoughts), […]

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The Spirit and Hegemony

I know I said I was probably going to write about the relationship between faith and activity and practice rather than belief within Mormonism, but I’ve had other thoughts that I feel are more immediately relevant. And it’s obviously later than I usually post, but hey, what can you do? Anyway, I’m interested in how […]

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The Requirements of “Activity”

I had a frustrating experience during Ward Council (a meeting for “leaders” in the ward) last week (I mean, I probably have frustrating experiences during Ward Council close to every time I attend given my opinionated nature, the topics of discussion, and my take on things compared to most other people present). We were talking […]

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