Scattered Cathedral Musings

Some brief thoughts from Sainte-Chapelle and St. Paul’s.

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Simplicity and Complexity

Competing Visions of Zion Unsurprisingly, I am frequently engaged in conversations about Mormonism and what the ideal would look like. I’ve been struck recently by somewhat of a disparity in what I hope to see and what others wish for and think our competing desires (which admittedly, have some, maybe even significant, overlap) may create […]

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A Grief That Can’t Be Spoken

Dedicated to Dallin Hilton. I am heartbroken. I just learned that one of my closest cousins died in a car accident driving back after the break. Death’s been around me for awhile, even coming to close members of my family (my grandpa and an uncle), but in both of those instances death was a sort […]

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More Thoughts From the Fringes

Last week, I posted some thoughts entitled “To a Doubter, From the Fringes.” As I was writing to friends and others (based on what I think would’ve been useful for me earlier in my faith remodeling), I want to expand a bit on what I wrote then, based on some questions and thoughts that people […]

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An Open Letter to Christmas

Dear Christmas, So I heard you sold out. Big. Like the largest selling out that’s ever happened in the history of sell outs. I mean, I know that Reel Big Fish said you should, but wow. You’ve always meant something to me and have been a huge part of my childhood. But things seem a […]

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