Complicated Characteristics of a God

We’re going to dive into what some would dismiss as a “deep doctrine”—what exactly do we need to be a god? It may seem like we have pretty clear and easy answers to this question, but I think if we actually dive into some of our theology (as much as you can term anything that […]

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Once More, With Feeling: In Praise of Buffy

I absolutely love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It may be is the greatest television series of all time (bold claim, I know, but I stand by it) and features the almost undoubtedly single-greatest episode of television: “Once More, With Feeling”—the famed musical episode from the sixth season. I was skeptical at first, but quickly became […]

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Predictions: Oscars 2018

Given that the Oscars have ended (and what an ending), naturally the next step is for me to foolhardily predict what will be nominated next year. Since most of these movies have not been seen and only small details are known about them, who knows how close I’ll be. BUT why not try? (I’ve got […]

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