What If I’m Wrong?

The Plan, Answers and Confronting Uncertainty The past two weeks or so have been rough in a way that’s brought death way closer than it’s ever been, forcing me to think about things in a way that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve had some beautiful, truly touching experiences as people have reached out, seeing […]

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Flash Reviews, Pt. 7

  21 Nov. 2015-1 Jan. 2016 Welcome to another installment of Flash Reviews, where I share brief snapshot reviews of the movies I’ve watched, books I’ve read and occasional other entertainment I’ve consumed since the last time I did this. Usually once every two months or so. WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead, so just watch out. […]

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A Grief That Can’t Be Spoken

Dedicated to Dallin Hilton. I am heartbroken. I just learned that one of my closest cousins died in a car accident driving back after the break. Death’s been around me for awhile, even coming to close members of my family (my grandpa and an uncle), but in both of those instances death was a sort […]

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