Take Me to Church

A Love Letter to Mormonism Usually when I write it’s to explore some cultural frustration or doctrinal oddity or some other negative aspect of sorts related to the Church. I try to have some thoughtful (and ideally faithful) result that illustrates how much I love Mormonism. Yet, I realize that it may not be apparent […]

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Superheroes, or The Future of Film

I absolutely adore superhero films and invest incredible[1] amounts of time in knowing what’s coming up and following the latest rumors and buzz, watching trailers as soon as they are released, usually at least three times to fully get a grasp on it. My borderline obsessive attitude isn’t limited to superhero films and extends more […]

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MISSION: Improve Missions for All

Once upon a time, a little over three years ago, I returned from serving a mission in Lithuania. It was a fantastically, terribly wonderful experience. If you summed up my experience in numbers, it would look absolutely dismal. And it sounds crazy. Like, absolutely bonkers. I flew over to Lithuania and knocked on doors for […]

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What’s Your Foundation?

Well, I’m in England for the summer, so that’s pretty smashing. I’ve been wandering around the Lake District the past few days and it has been absolutely beautiful. Just wonderfully lovely. I went to Church today at a local branch (it’s a 45 minute drive or so from where I’m at) and started thinking. We […]

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I Don’t Have a Testimony Of…

That’s kind of an awkward phrase “I don’t have a testimony of.” What does that really mean? Sometimes it’s helpful to figure out your beliefs by looking at things you don’t. To switch things up this Fast and Testimony Sunday, I thought I’d share some things I don’t have a testimony of: Stake Dances: awkward, […]

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