BIZARRE or KNICK KNACK The last dance to attend Prior feelings to mend Sort of ready to end Reality to bend CHORUS: A dance gone whack Of strange no lack Bizarre knick-knack No going back Hippies under a tree Bonsai it looked to me More weirdness awaits thee Said my best friend Lee Pyrotechnics inside […]

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Kamikaze Bird

Swooping from the rooftops Diving at the shadows Avoiding all the cops Dealing out the death blows (CHORUS) Into battle he flies His loins he did gird No worries if he dies He’s Kamikaze Bird Tying his head band Protecting his honor Leaving his home land Coming at you like a bomber CHORUS Soaring through […]

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Be Safe

Walk like a duck, do not slip Use hand rails, when using stairs If your hands are in your pockets you’ll trip You’ll get pink gloves, they come in pairs No screwdrivers without proper training Stop work is called, you’re flustered Don’t use the ladder either, you’ll be crying Everything has requirements before your trained […]

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And I Forgot The Words

I got up on stage The bright lights on my face People looking- like I’m in a cage Suddenly one swings a large mace I begin to remember I continue with the song People about to dismember I won’t last very long CHORUS: And I forgot the words The words are no longer there They […]

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The Hill on Which I Stood

 They call me a rebelA cowboy that breaks rulesThis may be my farewellI will defeat these fools  Outcast by my peopleI had fought for the rightThrown from my own castleI strove to find the light  The hill on which I standAll things come to an endOn this hill I was bannedSome would call it legend […]

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