And I Forgot The Words

I got up on stage
The bright lights on my face
People looking- like I’m in a cage
Suddenly one swings a large mace
I begin to remember
I continue with the song
People about to dismember
I won’t last very long

CHORUS: And I forgot the words
The words are no longer there
They flew from my mind like birds
And no one seemed to care

It’s a good thing I played jazz
I learned how to improvise
So now I can make up pizazz
And still look in your eyes

The song is long gone
What was once there is no more
Like a freshly mowed lawn
Strewn all over, a great big chore


The crowd is confused
What just happened?
‘He’s lost it’ one mused
This show was poorly captained

It comes to a close
It lived a life all it’s own
Running all over like a cold nose
In the distance there is a moan

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