Be Safe

Walk like a duck, do not slip
Use hand rails, when using stairs
If your hands are in your pockets you’ll trip
You’ll get pink gloves, they come in pairs
No screwdrivers without proper training
Stop work is called, you’re flustered
Don’t use the ladder either, you’ll be crying
Everything has requirements before your trained
Be Safe Beeeeee Safe
Guard Against man eating machines
Be safe Beeeeee Safe
Safety haunts my day dreams
Remember hand safety and stress hands
Safe crane operation is uplifting
Someone needs to come free these bands
Wait! No one has proper training
One safe act will lead to another
That’s what the sign reads
Why start? It’ll be a big bother
More safety is just what it needs
Don’t forget JDLR- who could?
Just Doesn’t Look Right- ingrained
Said so much it’s there past should
Helps keep safe- but only when trained

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