Black Plague or Orwell or No Vision

A disease from the past
Rats were the first origin
Its wreckage great and vast
Against it there’s no win
Vision is quickly lost
We stumble on blindly
With great human life cost
Does not treat us kindly
The Black Plague Renewed
Corruption it spewed
Orwell warned us all
This will be our fall
All ask for sights return
Look to leaders for hope
They’re lost in the cavern
In the darkness they grope
No one sees the future
Blackness is all that grows
Eating those with power
Laid down in even rows
Light was still to be seen
This plague we planned to rid
On this thought we were keen
We would find the pot’s lid
The search did start off quick
Little luck these men had
The disease we must lick
What we saw was not glad

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