I Choose…

THOUGHTS ON AGENCY Our stake theme for the year (school year, since I’m in Provo and our calendar tends to relate to academic years rather than the 12-month cycle others use) is “Choose Christ”. I fine theme as far as such things go (even if all I can think when I hear it is “I […]

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On Seeking the Virtuous, Lovely, of Good Report, and Praiseworthy

A Review of My Summer Media Consumption If you weren’t aware, from 18 April 2016 to 3 September 2016 I watched at least one movie a day and read 20 books, totaling 6779 pages, including 760 from a graduate-level Romanticism class, 1 play, and 5 Mormon themed books. I watched 141 movies in 139 days […]

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Defined by Tragedy?

I was initially going to try and process my summer movie watching experience today, but given the date and what it is the anniversary of, that struck me as insensitive. So, given that it is the 11th of September, tied in with some thoughts from my still-unfinished Jesus movie watching for a book project I’m […]

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Flash Reviews, Pt. 13: The End of Summer

  1 August 2016-31 August 2016 Welcome to another installment of Flash Reviews, where I share brief snapshot reviews of the movies I’ve watched, books I’ve read and occasional other entertainment I’ve consumed since the last time I did this. Usually once every two months or so. WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead, so just watch out. […]

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