Christmas Haikus

Written for the annual Hilton Family Christmas Eve Talent Show 2017   Birth Born in a stable Wrapped tightly in swaddling bands The Star shining bright   Mary The Virgin Mary Destined to raise the Christ Child Mother of Our Lord   Youth A kind boy from birth, Wise, instructing his elders Not perfect but […]

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Christmas in the Air

A Slam Sonnet Composed for the annual Hilton Christmas Eve Talent Show 24 December 2016 ‘Tis the season. The one that is merry And bright. With chestnuts roasting on the fire. Felt in dreams of the sugarplum fairy; In the singing of a street corner choir. Bah! Humbug! You say, hard and sharp as flint. […]

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Not Quite Hell Tonight

It’s dark out and crowds abound Dragged to a line to stand and wait Sound blasting like Baskerville’s Hound Wary of what to anticipate There’s a thick buzz in the air Smoke, sweat, and strobes streaking From the dark of the Mad Hatter’s Lair. Out of the depths, sin is leaking Too late to turn […]

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The Undead, Zombie Jesus

This is an exercise in Pious Irreverence. Yet, one that still captures an honest expression of devotion and love for my Savior, complete with footnotes that expound my more spiritual thoughts (which you are free to disregard. Death of the author and all that). We eat His flesh. We drink His blood[i]. Yet still he remains, […]

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TUBES or THE MOB or COUNTING I was new at the job Did not know what to think Shocked when I saw the mob Wearing suits dark as ink Watching the quality It was truly scary Counting all live long day Blood and sweat did I pay The mob owned my whole soul Quickly they […]

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The Top

THE TOP or JUST LUNACY The problems are laid bare To be seen everywhere The ones on top are blind Only talk to their kind For us there is no care CHORUSWhy can’t they see What’s so plain to me No logic- just lunacy Over and over again Results with a blood stain More layers […]

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Twist Cone Karma

TWIST CONE or KARMA or TWO DELIGHTS I loved the twist cone with my whole heart Its absence would soon tear me apart I partook all throughout childhood Against karma’s great power I stood Two flavors delicious when alone United will cause karma to groan Too much of a good thing the man said Will […]

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