Twist Cone Karma

I loved the twist cone with my whole heart
Its absence would soon tear me apart
I partook all throughout childhood
Against karma’s great power I stood
Two flavors delicious when alone
United will cause karma to groan
Too much of a good thing the man said
Will end with you wishing to be dead
The man’s warning I blew off right then
It was now just a question of when
The twisted delight called me by name
My growing longing I could not tame
Monday I was warned, Tuesday brought storms
Appearing in many quite strange forms
Monday changed the path my life would take
Those two delights all should now forsake
After the cone I ate, things went wrong
The man’s words came true in not that long
After eating I was running late
I tripped and fell, it must have been fate
Life started to break into pieces
Due to a short moment’s poor choices
Life would never be the same again
Was the only thought in my mind then

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