Breach in Sector 33

BRRR, BRRRR (Alarm noise)
Breach in Sector 33!
It was the middle of the night
The alarm started, a bad sign
All of us were in quite a fright
We knew someone had crossed the line
We ran towards the great Red Base
Unknowing of what we would find
On the ground was a black briefcase
Then a voice within my own mind
Breach in Sector 33!
Who knows what it’s done to me?
The Breach may cost us our lives
Breach in Sector 33
The voice sent shivers down my spine
I knew it’s words to be pure truth
Shadows became men, there were nine
I hoped the Breach was just a goof
We faced the shadows in the dark
In between us the briefcase stood
With no doubt, this would leave a mark
We tried that, which no one else would
Breach in Sector 33
We know what it did to you
We will honor your lost lives
Breach in Sector 33

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