More Thoughts From the Fringes

Last week, I posted some thoughts entitled “To a Doubter, From the Fringes.” As I was writing to friends and others (based on what I think would’ve been useful for me earlier in my faith remodeling), I want to expand a bit on what I wrote then, based on some questions and thoughts that people […]

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To a Doubter, From the Fringes

Hi friends. I’m a doubter (surprise!). Most of you probably knew that already and many of you probably have some similar doubts to mine. Maybe not. Perhaps you read what I write, precisely because you don’t think the way I do. Who knows? Anyway, doubt for me is a necessary accomplice to faith and a […]

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Flash Reviews, Pt. 1

So, in keeping with my resolution, here’s my first review post of the year. I’ve seen a lot of films over the past few months that I have a lot of thoughts about, but since it seems to be getting farther and farther from when I saw them and I haven’t written anything, I decided […]

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New Beginnings (or Slight Alterations)

2015 is here. 2014 has moved on to a better place where its happenings are touched with the rosy, hazy gleam of nostalgia. That means traditionally we look at what we did the past year and evaluate what to do for the next. I was pretty successful at my goal of posting something on my […]

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