Books: Glimpses of Heaven

Library of the Dutch Parliament, What is Heaven like? What is my vision of Heaven? I’ve been thinking about this recently, due to a comment in Church. The instructor asked everyone to think about what their idea of heaven was, to visualize it. Immediately, I thought of a library, huge ceilings, with shelves filled […]

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What Is Love?

What is love? A question articulated by the Trinidadian-German poet Nestor Alexander Haddaway and countless others that muse about life and create art. Writers such as Shakespeare and John Donne with sonnets, poems and plays, and Austen with her social commentaries that examine the role and reality of love, among others have sought to explore […]

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Are We Not All Superheroes?

I recently read a fascinating piece by Nathaniel Givens on Times and Seasons entitled, “Are Prophets Superheroes?”. I was thinking about what was said within, in conjunction with a piece on Rational Faiths, about questions for the resurrection and felt like I should weigh in. I agree with most of the central bits to Givens’ […]

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