Us vs The World

The opening comments in Gospel Doctrine today were all about how terrible the world is, how close to the fires of Hell our handbasket of Earth is, how plentiful and widespread the Gadianton Robbers are in terrorist groups and Congress, how horrific the wars and rumors of wars, and how ash-ridden the remains of the […]

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Seeking the Quiet Uptown: Thoughts on Forgiveness

I’m weaving together a lot of thoughts from this past week or so (from a wandering, late night conversation with a friend on a variety of topics; The Darjeeling Limited; chatting with my sister and family about the value of the Old Testament; Hamilton, because it’s amazing and if you haven’t listened to it, stop […]

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Not Quite Hell Tonight

It’s dark out and crowds abound Dragged to a line to stand and wait Sound blasting like Baskerville’s Hound Wary of what to anticipate There’s a thick buzz in the air Smoke, sweat, and strobes streaking From the dark of the Mad Hatter’s Lair. Out of the depths, sin is leaking Too late to turn […]

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Christ as King?

“He will rule as King of Kings…” The Living Christ What exactly does this mean? Why is Christ going to be a King? Why do I cringe and shrivel a bit at the idea of being subject to a King, even Christ? Why does the idea of Christ as a King feel counter-productive to me? […]

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