What is “to Study”?: Thoughts on Engaging with Scripture

Reading scripture can be a key part of making religion a piece of our daily lives and is one of the most personally rewarding ways of worship for me. I love the scriptures. Really. At least, most of the time. I mean, it makes sense given my studies as an English major—so reading and thinking […]

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An Open Letter to Christmas

Dear Christmas, So I heard you sold out. Big. Like the largest selling out that’s ever happened in the history of sell outs. I mean, I know that Reel Big Fish said you should, but wow. You’ve always meant something to me and have been a huge part of my childhood. But things seem a […]

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Devo Evo: My Changing Faith Understood Through BYU Devotionals

Once upon a time, there was a boy that had no desire to go to BYU, but ended up there, for a variety of reasons. Prior to his departure, his parents exhorted him to take full advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities that BYU offered, including devotionals. This boy embraced their advice, as he was rather obedient, in […]

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It’s All About Me or Maybe You: Tension of Individual and Community

Within the Gospel (particularly viewed through a Mormon lens) there appears to be a struggle between two competing ideologies (obviously there’s more and a host of other ideas that seem to be in tension with one another, but I’m going to focus on one particular set today). The tension lies in focusing on the Individual […]

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