Guilt: From God or From Man?

I was wondering about the purpose of guilt the other day and whether the feelings we often attribute to guilt always are true, legitimate guilt or if it may frequently be feelings of shame. Brene Brown describes the difference between guilt and shame in a fairly simple way that I think is helpful: guilt is […]

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Imagining Judgment

The Final Judgment. The Pearly Gates. The End. I’ve thought a decent amount about what I hope that will be like. Imagined various scenarios for how it’ll play out. There are three things that have been a feature of how I want God to respond to me for the past while (some longer than others). […]

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Reckless Abandon: A Love Story

Today, I present to you a love story. My love story. Doubling as an exploration of the most baffling advice I’ve ever received—to have more “reckless abandon”. Interested? Well, here we go… Cecelia (Cece, Cec, etc.) and I dated for 14 days before we were engaged (ring on the finger, posted on Facebook official). 10 […]

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The Policy: 2 Comfort & 2 Mourn

Two years ago today, a policy from the LDS Church regarding homosexual members and their children was released. That policy marked any member that is a part of a same-sex marriage as an apostate and that their children could not receive baby blessings, baptism or other ordinances until they are 18 (under certain circumstances). This […]

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