Making Mormonism in Our Own Image

I went down a pretty unsettling rabbit hole yesterday (which you can check out my twitter feed for more details on), and that combined with the short story I’ve been working on, some Facebook posts from friends, and some blogs I was reading caused me to think about the many faces of Mormonism and how […]

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Women and the Church

I finished Neylan McBaine’s Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact a couple days ago, along with The Handmaid’s Tale (which isn’t Mormon, but deals with gender issues and some non-descript religious society and is PHENOMENAL and you should read it right now) and posted a review of McBaine’s book on facebook, where I […]

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Celebrate Good Times: An Episcopalian Easter

[Note: I’m not super familiar with the proper terminology for Episcopalian services, I’ve tried to double-check a few things, but if I’m totally off, let me know, please. And I apologize for any offense given by my incorrect language.] Today, I went to an Episcopalian Easter Sunday Mass (St. Mark’s in SLC, which is gorgeous […]

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How Big Can the Tent Be?

After GenConf (and frequently in my day-to-day interactions honestly), I wonder how big can the big tent of Mormonism be? What are the limits of its expansion? Where are the walls of the tent? Does it have walls? Should we choose another metaphor? Are we suggesting that we want to be a part of a […]

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Who’s Responsible for the Culture?

  So, there’s a piece from Greg Trimble that’s been floating around the interwebs recently and that I like the sentiment behind. However, I think it has some somewhat misguided assumptions underlying the argument. Some of that is expressed in this response on Young Mormon Feminists, which is worth a read. I wrote about some […]

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