The Undead, Zombie Jesus

This is an exercise in Pious Irreverence. Yet, one that still captures an honest expression of devotion and love for my Savior, complete with footnotes that expound my more spiritual thoughts (which you are free to disregard. Death of the author and all that).

We eat His flesh.

We drink His blood[i].

Yet still he remains,

            The Undead Zombie Jesus[ii]

He died for us[iii].

Dead for three days.

Then He rose again-

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

We run from Him

He chases after us

Groaning our names[iv]

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

He’s so gross!

He straight-up died!

Yet he comes for me[v],

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

He wants my brain.

He’ll take my heart[vi].

Then I’ll be His,

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

I kick His legs.

I beat His face.

Yet still He comes[vii],

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

He crawls toward me,

He pulls himself forward.

I cry out, Why me[viii]

            The Undead Zombie Jesus?


That’s His reply.

I don’t get you,

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

He wants me?

He hunts for the stray.

Yet, am I The One[x]?

            The Undead Zombie Jesus

[i] The Sacrament can be a moment of profundity in the quotidian for me, making something as simple and everyday as bread and water tokens of the Savior of all mankind. If I’m in the right frame of mind, I feel a closeness where it’s almost as if he whispers what I must do to become closer to him.

[ii] I think Christ has a sense of humor, which allows me to feel closer to him and recognize the human within the divine, or the shortcomings that prevent the human from being divine.

[iii] Trying to wrap my head around the idea of a GOD coming to mortality (which must have been quite a drag in and of itself) primarily so that he could suffer pains, sorrows and even death in order to comfort each and every one of us is one of the most difficult things. Wow.

[iv] Jesus knows me (and knows I’m right…oh wait, that’s Phil Collins…). He wants me to come to him and feel the joy and pure, pure love that is his. Yet, too often, I turn the other way and feel threatened or creeped out by his closeness. Removing myself from what could be magnificent.

[v] Sometimes I don’t understand what exactly Christ is or what he has done, but still he is relentless in his hope for my salvation. Whatever I do, he pursues me reaching out and waiting to pull me back towards him.

[vi] Alma 5. Christ hopes to make me his, by changing my heart and mind to one that thinks and feels a higher law, a law of love for all, a law of truth, justice and mercy. That is what Christ offers me and offers to make me.

[vii] Even when I do what I know to be wrong, kicking Jesus in the face, He still forgives me. He still LOVES me. He still wants me to be with him and HAPPY.

[viii] There’s no reason for Christ to focus on me. I’m some scrawny dude who has a decent life, that pokes fun at much of religion (in a honest, introspective, self-deprecating sort of way). Yet, he loves and seeks me as much as anyone else. He truly cares.

[ix] He tries to talk to me and sometimes all I get is garbled zombie sounds. I want to understand and believe and do what he asks, but sometimes I just can’t. Yet, again, he still tries.

[x] I am the One. You are the One. Neo is the One. We are all THE ONE to Christ. And in Him I believe.


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