Does Any of This Matter?

I am deeply invested in writing, thinking, and talking about spirituality. Occasionally I am met with questions about the worth of such endeavors (whether that’s from friends that have left Mormonism, people concerned about the economic viability of my career path, or just those that find spirituality and humanities-esque things unworthy of that sort of […]

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Finding Comfort in the Wrestle

Cece and I have had several conversations recently about what the goal of Church is that seem to us to distill into two purposes—to be comforted and to wrestle. This is probably a different articulation of the idea perhaps apocryphally attributed to past prophets, that the Gospel should “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. […]

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The Comedy of Christ

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I’d love to see a fantasy-genre’d adaptation of the New Testament and today I’m thinking about the New Testament and Christ’s ministry as comedy (a joyful, comic interpretation of the Gospels would be INCREDIBLE). This may come across as blasphemous to some, but I don’t intend it […]

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When Things Fall Apart

It’s Palm Sunday. The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem just days before it all falls apart. He’s betrayed. The people who days before cheered his arrival cry for his crucifixion. This moment of joy and celebration, which we know is fleeting and will soon come to an end (and arguably return even stronger with […]

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“The World” & Building Zion

We often talk of the command “To be in the world, but not of the world.” There’s general resistance to this phrase in the progressive Mormon community (and probably other progressive religious communities) due to how it’s used and what is generally meant by “the world” from those who say it. I’d like to dig […]

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The Gospels as Fantasy

A couple days ago, I attended a performance of Lamb of God, a musical production from Rob Gardner about the final days of Jesus Christ’s life. I was surprisingly moved and touched by the performance—the choral and orchestral music allowed the emotions to run a bit deeper and for me to feel things that I […]

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