Is Queerness Eternal?

“Is queerness eternal?” This titular question is a question that is perhaps one of the biggest facing Mormonism today and very close to me personally. I’m ace (if you’re a new reader, repenting lapsed one, or otherwise missed that post in May you can read it here, and again, happy to chat about it if […]

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Simplicity and Complexity

Competing Visions of Zion Unsurprisingly, I am frequently engaged in conversations about Mormonism and what the ideal would look like. I’ve been struck recently by somewhat of a disparity in what I hope to see and what others wish for and think our competing desires (which admittedly, have some, maybe even significant, overlap) may create […]

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Who Gets a Say?

This is going to be quick (I think) and a recap of some stuff I shared on twitter earlier today (at least, that’s the plan). *Exhale* ok, here we go. I joined in an interesting conversation today about who should be involved in discussions of Mormonism, sparked by a friend suggesting that those that have […]

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My Will? Or God’s?

One of the things that plagues my fringe-y Mormon conscience more than perhaps any other is the worry that what I feel is good and true and of God is NOT and that I am totally, completely off base, forcing God to fit into my image of Him/Her/Them. And there’s reason for that. I am […]

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