The Beast


It was a hostile takeover
What was once a separate piece 
Has been consumed by The Beast
Work was done with harm for none
Without reason it came down
It worried not for death
Its word was written and done
Forced to do as was written
The Resistance quickly grew
The culture The Beast destroyed
All was to be done its way
For the past it had no love
Those in power it replaced
Its minions soon ran the place
Hate for the Beast expanded
One thought ruled The Beast’s actions
I will be liable for none
Blame went as low as it could go
Puppets were placed to defend
Nothing was done to help out
The Beast’s charade was see through
Lies were spawned at insane rates
The Beast’s pockets were padded
But it was done to help you
Services once free soon cost lots
Your good health its first concern
Its rationale is long gone
The Beast increases terror
People continue to weary
Soon will come a mutiny

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