The Loophole

The boy and girl were best friends
Always together it seemed
Hands were held when none could see
They were a great mystery
Her eyes saw steady dating
His eyes saw no ties fun time
He quit while she wished to kiss
He lost her perfect love bliss
Snuck out using the Loophole
Hand holding doesn’t equal dating
To him she was a good friend
To her he was another player
The story spread like wildfire
Reactions came a plenty
What insensitivity
Girls exclaimed Let’s break his knee
Guys sided with him always
She took it wrong they all said
They would be haunted too soon
Guys reps girls would lampoon
The boy was outcast by girls
No one would think to date him
Change was no where to be found
Anger did the Boy surround
All was done for The Boy’s love
She wanted him back too much
He went on to win more hearts
At his picture she threw darts

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