The Lab

I ride the bus in the morn
Read or sleep, just waste time
I walk into a new world, just born
The sun gleams on the roof like a chime
Deceivingly fun it appears at first
I soon realize that impressions are wrong
All my hopes were quickly burst
Stabbed, like a balloon, with a prong
The Lab is boredom in a bottle
Ridiculousness is it’s forte
Just remember the need to chortle
Don’t forget to drink a large latte
I get to my cubicle- shock
I have no chair or computer
It’s bare except for a smear of chalk
No where to sit, life was my tutor
Wait and wait, nothing to do except
Wait and train, I trained for days
Hoping for change, a man came, my soul lept
Down we went to the cube, a maze
He bore gifts- a computer
Soon it was set up and ready
I try to sit and fall over
No chair is there, Betty
I want to punch a baby
Or put a high heel through my temple
This is worse than school, maybe
It should be an Inconciev-A-Poll

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