Part 2: The Coup


Though few in numbers their hearts were great
No fear of sacrifice did they hold
Rallied around the one called Neptune
He would lead them to the next day’s light
The ones that were smashed are fighting back
The separate piece will control The Beast
That hostile takeo’er led to the Coup
Quickly they struck to have great effect
The fighting soon grew fiercer than thought
The tide looked to be in their favor
This may turn out better than they’d hoped
The battle like a storm was raging
The Beast’s minions were caught unawares
Many perished before backup came
They far outnumbered the Resistance
The enemy came flooding in
How much longer can they hold them off
Their strength dwindles with the passing time
Neptune charging forth bringing hope back
Focus regained, fighting e’en more fierce
Corpses of the enemy all o’er
The piece has been won, but it’s not done
On they go to the lair of The Beast
The lair has been reached, in they now go
The final fight with that awful Beast
The Beast cowers at their great presence
One quick thrust, ends terror brings back trust

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