Ode to the BBQ

The barbeque has come to an end
Great smiling men to the grills did tend
Any challenge of meat they could meet
The service was an outstanding feat
Barbeque day was great
Tears were shed at its fate
It brought more joy than known
Those cooks deserve a throne
Every Thursday it did come
Causing first comers to be struck dumb
Thirty odd years did it help and serve
Morale and goodwill it did preserve
Frequented by both near and far
Coming as if guided by a star
All who did partake loved what they ate
The grill was a place devoid of hate
Looked forward to throughout the whole week
A shrine for pilgrims to surely seek
As the smell did waft, mouths salivate
For the grilling it was worth the wait
Summers won’t be the same without it
Barbeque day was a home run hit
The tastes and smells will be sorely missed
Fond thoughts will definitely persist
We shan’t forget Bert, Collin, and Pete
All other burgers they did beat
To know such men as these is quite rare
These three shall live within us fore’er

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