Triplets Three

Truth, Joy, and Youth
All desirable and worth having
If you could choose only one, which would it be?
Truth is harsh, yet satisfying
She cuts deep, but like a surgeon
The cuts help heal, causing pain, 
But only to help
Joy is bubbly, and content
She fills the heart with gladness
No one quite knows why,
But smiles abound
Youth is haunting, yet inviting
She is untainted by experience
Innocence gleams white like the lamb,
But simply waiting to be sheared
Truth sets man free
Joy is for man to be
Youth gives new light, for me to see
Can I be free if I cannot be or see?
Can I be if I am not free and cannot see?
Can I see if I cannot be and am not free?
Truth, Joy, and Youth
Three triplets incomplete without each other
To choose one, I must be

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