Lifeguard or Fun-Suckers or Day at the Pool or Fun in the Sun
One day I went to the pool
Wasn’t trying to be cool
Hung out with some of my friends
Rules we did not try to bends
Everything we did was so wrong
We would not be in there long
The Lifeguards- Suckers of fun
The Lifeguards- No place to run
The Lifeguards- Don’t let your toys
The Lifeguards- Those big killjoys
They say don’t do that horseplay
Not even on your own birthday
We asked what were the pool rules
He looked like he’d won many duels
Whatever makes me feel nervous
Like he was the boss of us
After that we calmed it down
Didn’t mess with the lifeguard’s crown
We began to have some fun
Joy we felt but we weren’t done
We stayed and the rules obeyed
Glares of death were soon conveyed
The sky turned black with some rain
Lifeguard looked to be in pain
His eyes were red and fangs grew
On us he was soon to chew
He swooped down looking so scary
We were no longer very merry
I vant to suck all your fun
That doesn’t sound good on a bun
Joey was the first to be bit
Where was a vamp slaying kit
Instead of a great big stake
A foam noodle we did take
We then attacked the vamp lifeguard
With our noodle we stabbed him hard
The clouds and rain disappeared
The lifeguard just looked and leered
Our day at the pool was soon over
Next time we’d bring a luck clover

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