Pizza Delivery Dude

I wrote this while waiting for some pizza to be delivered, my thoughts just started going about what sort of person it would be and then led to this.

The pizza delivery dude
The dude with the food
Are you always in a foul mood?
Earning money for the girl to be wooed
Barely scraping by as is
Your life is really none of my biz’
Maybe you’re an out of luck whiz
Or perhaps Val Jean from Les Mis
O, pizza delivery dude
O, dude with the food-
I didn’t mean to make you come unglued
It was in jest- now I feel like you’re screwed
I judged harshly, without merit
But you do look a bit like a ferret
With hair colored of carrots.
No! Now I ramble like a crazy parrot
You deserve my benefit’s doubt
You, who have no way out
You, trapped, waiting, with nary a shout
You, bound by an unspeakable drought
Who knows why you are there?
Maybe you were treated quite unfair
Perhaps you have a passion that you must share
Or is it all that you dare
Pizza delivery dude
Dude with the food
Good luck with how you are viewed
Next time, I’ll call out, “Hey, Jude…”

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