Black with the Rising Sun

Black with the Rising Sun or Stealth and Brutality
Roam the seas clad in black
They search for ships to attack
Hands are missing from arms
They are not short on charms
Masks pulled over their heads
They don’t sleep in any beds
No eyes or legs for them
From them your problems stem
They’re- Stealth and Brutality
No cares for humanity
On and gone in a blitz
The great Ninja Pirates
The ship is gone- none flat
Robbed and sunk just like that
No survivors are left
In that they are quite deft
Their strength you cannot match
Those who laugh burn like thatch
They control the blue sea
Gold is the only key
Pay them for your safety
And they might let you free
Their speech is quite obscene
To avoid them would be keen
Watch the grand horizon
The sail with no abandon
Black with the rising sun
Is their flag with a gun

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